Vow Books

Vow Books


Note: We have upgraded our ribbon from chiffon to silk! Please see the first photo for an accurate representation. New photos to come!

A set of vow books letterpress printed on soft handmade deckled paper, adorned with silk ribbon. Includes 8 high quality smooth finish pages for writing.

In collaboration with and letterpress printed by Belinda Love Lee in Toronto, Canada.

2 Vow Books (His & Hers)
4.25 x 5.5”


Handmade Paper
As with the nature of handmade paper, expect inconsistencies, flecks, and “imperfections” which only add character.

Ribbons are hand-dyed and therefore colors may vary slightly. Some books may have ribbon ends that are sewn together, though are only seen inside the book. Ribbons lengths may vary from book to book.

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